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The main concern of a lab that makes chemical analyses or other types of tests is to ensure that the results obtained in their measurements are correct, of course. There are ways to evaluate the tendency of a test method or chemical analysis, often involving the use of certified reference materials, or patterns, or the participation in proficiency testing schemes of proficiency, or other types inter comparisons.


Proficiency programs IPT/LRM offer many evaluations of chemical analyses in different types of materials.  It's relatively common that during the rounds of the programmes, some participants stand in doubt about an important issue.  Why are grouped results generated by different methods, carried out by means of different analytical techniques.  How is it possible to perform the statistical evaluation of these results together, since the methodologies are not identical?

Precision and accuracy are terms widely used in the world of measurements, being generally used to qualify the methods of measurement or even measuring instruments, form indicate your performance. The problem is that the formal meaning of these terms is not very well known to the public, metrology and often are confused with each other, and with other completely different concepts.  This not to mention the translations and versions of these terms in other languages.  It is useful, in this way, consult the references more solid looking for more correct settings.

Laboratory proficiency programs of Metrological References, was adopted a Convention that all chemical analysis result declared as 0 (zero), is treated, in principle, as a representation of a line of type "less than", being this way, considered as an informational value is not computed in the statistics.
Because this occurs? The reason is that the instrumental chemical analysis methods, have limitations on your ability to evaluate analytes in concentrations low enough.

The IPT reference materials are used widely, having a success story for use in industry, supporting the academic research and development laboratories, supporting the validation of measuring instruments, etc.

The list below contains some references were used of certified reference materials in the LRM/IPT, allowing a view of your applications.

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