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Proficiency in ethanol

Frascos PPETanol compThe laboratory of Metrological References of the IPT offers a program of Interlaboratory Proficiency in ethanol. The goal of this program is to support and qualify the work of chemical analysis laboratories and physical-chemical tests on ethanol.
The proposal of the programme is to provide the main tests and chemical analyses in fuel ethanol (EHC/EAC) and industrial ethyl alcohol.

Below are the chemical and physico-chemical properties that are included in the program.

Physical-chemical testing

  • Total acidity (NBR 9866/16047; ISO 17315)

  • Electrical conductivity (NBR 10547; ISO 17308)

  • Density @ 20° C (NBR 5992/15639; ASTM D4052)

  • Ph-hydrogen potential (NBR 10891)

  • Alcohol content (NBR 5992/15639)

Chemical Analyses

  • Water content (NBR 15531/15888; ASTM E203/E1064)

  • Methanol content (NBR 16041)

  • Ethanol content (NBR 16041; ASTM D5501)

Physical-chemical testing

  • Permanganate test (ISO 1388) *

Chemical Analyses

  • acetal content (diethyl acetal) (mg/kg)

  • Acetaldehyde content (mg/kg)

  • Ethyl acetate content (mg/kg)

  • Cyclohexane content (mg/kg)

  • Isoamyl content (mg/kg)

  • Isobutanol content (mg/kg)

  • Isopropanol content (mg/kg)

  • N-butanol content (mg/kg)

  • Content of n-propanol (mg/kg)

* If the participant uses the standard ABNT NBR 5824, can participate.